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Submitted by Comments:
Okka Becker
From: Germany
Going to a concert of my friend Kieran Goss
in the Rex theatre in Wuppertalyesterday,I was delighted to see that you have started to conquer the German market....
So now I do not have to travel to Nova Scotia any longer to see you perform.
I watched you at one of those "grass roots " festivals in the Anapolis valley
a couple of years ago..(sitting on a bail of hay...).
Looking forward to listening to your new work as well as see you perform on stage here. I`ll see you either in Wuppertal or Oberhausen,for sure.
Good luck for your tour!
I`ll try to bring lots of friends...
Please add my address to your mailing list.
Added: March 13, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Germany
Hey, Hannah from Denmark,
does that mean you are one of the few ones that own the "sails to the wind"-album?
If so, congratulations!
Added: March 13, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: denmark
Today I recieved the last of your solo CD`s.It`s not available in Denmark, so it came today all the way from New Zealand.
The "Guthro"-album must be the best you`ve ever written?
How I love "the songsmith".
Thank you so much for the music!!
See you soon in Ringe!
Hugs and peace
Added: March 12, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Bremen,Germany
Hey Im listening to you CDs since Im 9 years old and I love all your Dad and my stepmother even get me to listen to Runrig!
You meet my stepmother ones or a friend of her...what ever, love you music and hope your going to be in Germany once!!
Thanks for all the joy
Added: March 9, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
cynthia kieley
From: sydney, nove scotia
always listening - always loving -it!
hope you have a concert soon - close to sydney- because i would love to attend-
take care - keep writing all them fantastic songs
Be safe
Added: March 4, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Added: March 3, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Tim Glogowski
From: Sydney Mines/ Halifax
Did you get that Koa guitar you talked about at Christmas?
See you at Rylan Jacks.
Added: March 1, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Germany - near Bonn
Dear Bruce,
nearly 10 Years ago I met you at the "Backstage" after your first concerts in Tondern with Runrig - 10 Years - long time :-))
I´m very happy to see you and enjoy your own Music in Bonn at April...
Take care!
Added: February 29, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Soes Friedrichsen
From: Denmark, Copenhagen
Dear Bruce..

Youre album from 2005, had been on my cdplayer for a while.. Thanks for the lyric, and the sound.. I've gave youre album to a friend of mine - he became as thrilled as i did..

There's no doubt in my mine, that youve are giftet as a songwriter. now, we're waiting for more lyrics from youre hand..

I hope that on youre next tours, i can see you and Runrig, two concerts..


Added: February 23, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Ollie Moffat
From: Inverness, Scotland, UK
hey bruce.

just want to say i can't wait for you and the Rig to play at Edinburgh Castle! seen u at the Ness and at the Ironworks and they were nights to remember.

all the best!

...oh are your solo albums on sale in the UK???...
Added: February 21, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Kalundborg, Denmark
Hi Bruce!

It must have taken a lot of patience and integrity to go through with that trip you did last week. There must have been times where cancelling the gigs crossed your mind. But you didn' came.With your wonderful, sparkling, captivating, intense yet loose performance.

What a blast!

And with just Allan on stage you could do and sing whatever you wanted. And so you did. Those stories.....please keep them coming.

With all the effort you had put in that trip, it was absolutely terrific to see what a great and excellent time you had in both Århus and Strib.
Two amazing evenings.

Thanks for not letting us down and for just beeing you!

Cheers Kirsten
Added: February 20, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Ronnie Williams
From: Sydney Mines
It's feels great everymorning when I open the patio door with a semi hot cup of joe. The neighbors are looking on from the mountainside here in Hong Kong Sai Kung (which is the country side) as I look at the volume & I crank it to a respectable 4 and out flows the beautiful tones of Love Lives On followed by Little Gifts from up Above and how the neighbors cheer when they end and I head out the door for work. Thanks for the motivation Bruce. Ronnie
Added: February 19, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Sunny Denmark
Hello Mr.Guthro:-)
You never let anyone down..... I'm still way up there, can't feel the ground. You know just how beautiful life is, you show us every time you open up your heart with your stories, your lyrics and never the less, your voice, THE voice!!! Thank you for an unforgetful weekend, I'm so glad that you made it!!
And the valentines gift, oh man, talk about a waterfall:-))))
It was good to see you too:-)
Hugs Britta
Added: February 18, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Denmark
Hey BG :-))

Well, if one can do a good thing once
why not do it twice..
Glad you did it! ;-)
Friday and Saturday's concerts were great!
How many were there in the audiences, 300 Friday (private function)and almost 800 Saturday?? Regardless, both nights the crowds were very appreciative! As usual.. Enthusiastic and enjoying the menu ;-) Singing along merrily when invited to do so.. listening hard inbetween..

That opening with singing a cappella is stunning!
Where did you get that voice?? and Soul - your peers on stage towards the end of the show slipped comments like.. 'he's got soul!, Bruce the almighty..' behind your back *lol* wonder why?? ;-) could it be that true enough - all was well and then some.. ;-))
... you really have a way of.. making things move and take flight. Except aeroplanes perhaps...
but the atmosphere at the concerts you are responsible for that! :-), and it isn't bad at all.

We had a great time, thank you!
And thanks for inviting us all over to your tropical island.. where you -unlike your hosts for the weekend- know how to do winter! "You call this winter?? Back where I come from.."
- We hope to fail to impress you again in March ;-) keeping the roads open for the tour...

I hope your journey home was way easier than the getting here! Although you do have a history of waiting for means of transport turning into something beautiful? :-))
No, I sincerely hope it was perfectly smooth, and home is right where you left it, no cds gone missing from the backyard this time..

Thanx for visiting!
Be well. :-)
See you soonish... sorry :-)
Added: February 18, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
inger lise
From: Denmark
Dear Bruce,
thank you so much for a wonderful show at the Strib Winterfestival on Saturday.
Hope you made it safe back home to Halifax!
Thanks for being so trusty to us fans - who else would have made the long trip over the Atlantic for just two shows under those circumstances??
Big hug -
Added: February 18, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Silkeborg, DK
Hey Bruce,

what happened?? :-0

.. or to get it in the right order:

Glad you made it! :-) all the way to Århus.

And then - what happened??
Seemed that rather than being weary from the travelling you were still flying when you got on stage..
What a truly amazing evening! Best of times! :-))

The true! stories from NS.. we'll take your word for it!, great songs, energy, communication.. and that Canadian charm.
Seemed you were having fun on stage too, good to see Allan show off some - surprising to see such remarkable effort put in by a band member fired..;-)

The atmosphere there at the concerts is .. so like nothing else, and very very VERY addictive! :-)

Didn't get around to counting the smiles -or the number of times you mentioned CB *lol* but they were many!
As were the improvised remarks, and the hands sore from clapping in the crowd..
Very lively eve.

Thank you so much for a brilliant evening!
Def. one we'll be talking about for a long time.. if we can for chuckling :-)


It will be hard to see you leave again tomorrow night - grateful there are new dates later on..
please do get back here! ;-)
Have fun, take care.
Added: February 15, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Mette Gjødvad Klinge
From: Århus
Hi Bruce.
It was fantastic to see and hear you tonight in Århus.
You are a great singer and song writer.
Cool that Allan was there too, he is very talented. I only just "discovered" him this year.
Hope you enjoy being in Denmark and that your flight back to Canada goes smoothly without snow:-)
Take care,
xxx Mette
Added: February 15, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Baiersbronn, Germany
Dear Bruce,
I wish you a happy Valentine´s Day.

All the best for you and your wife (and kids).

Added: February 14, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Denmark
Hi mr. Hygge!
You're coming to town - of all places - Støvring!!!
Check out Daughtry's Home - one of your songs? Soooooooooo you! Just wondering!
See you - and keep up the Beautiful Life - Dåtte
Added: February 14, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Mary Scott
From: Smithfield, NB
I saw you last week at the ECMA 20th anniversary show. I hope you plan to come to Fredericton again in the near future. You (and everyone else, too) sounded wonderful!!!
Added: February 14, 2008

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