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Submitted by Comments:
From: Silkeborg..
Hey Bruce,

Thanks for the concerts over the weekend ;-)
Jelling was my first 'Runrig by daylight' experience,
it was different..enjoyed it :-))obvious reasons *lol*
+ it had a nice flow, immediate energy, and getting hold of the (festival)audience despite the cutshort setlist..
Glad I was safe& away in the shade -
it might have been real hot out in the sun :-0
(..did I just say I didn't find it hot from where I was standing?? Hope not! ;-) was great! - ..and it wasn't Calum that threw things at your back as Iain would have you believe - no no. Guess who none other than he who pointed the finger - The kids.. they never grow :-))

So how are you doing? ;-)
Been toughing out the sun, and the wind - no shortage of neither! :-) on golf courses last couple of days?? Rivals lower your hopes! :-)
Hope you had some nice days whatever you were doing
.. we are just waiting ..
basically, business as usual.. :-}
I understand you're going to this sold out concert
tomorrow night - trust you have your papers admitting you in in place :-)or we- are- in- trouble :-) Need you there :-)
Guess :-} I might just drag my lazy bones aaalll the way down the hill to Silkeborg.. sigh
and a full length RRconcert.. who was it that said life is beautiful?? I didn't believe him then.. And it is getting even more beautiful next week :-))
In Assens, Støvring and Nordborg at least ;-) I'll testify they were perfect in advance - provided you get there!! that is..

Now when you get to Silkeborg, if you are here during opening hours (which is nonsense :-) they are here at night as well) there is a great ice cream shop- with a Mojito version this summer.. in Nygade, and Bruce Guthro cds in the record store in Vestergade. One should never go without the latter - kindly leaving it to others to pick them up in your specific case, perhaps.. as for the ice cream might just be neat considering the heat.
We have dug out our best summer weather for you((so far..)), havent we?! ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you again. It really is such a priviledge having you over (...) unend :-D
..the amount of fine moments you are responsible for! I'm grateful they store easily and float around! Were they heavy and getting dusty.. Well they are not and I love them all - thank you for every one of them! :-)

Belated 'many welcomes!' ;-) - near 3000 in Silkeborg alone ;-) certainly a loud one from here!
Cheers! :-D
Added: June 4, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
inger lise hille
From: Denmark
Hi Bruce,
good to see you back with RR in Fåborg on Saturday. You and Runrig on topform.Great!
Couldn't help smiling seeing a gig announced in Åbenrå April 16th 2009!!
See you Thursday in Silkeborg!
Love from
Added: June 2, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
Peter Juan Birkemose
From: Denmark
Hey Bruce.

I am a boy in Denmark. one year ago I bought your cd "Beautiful Life" and I love it. I think you're really good to singing. And you make good music.
I am a Runrig fan, too.
And tonight 31th May I will go to Runrig's concert in Faaborg to "Sommerrock"
I write songs myself.
And I like it.
I love to write songs,because it makes me feel alife.
About a mounth ago I wrote my first music for guitar.
I am a highland indian from Guatemala.
And I came to Denmark when I was one year old.
And I live on a place called "Bjerget" (Mountian)
But I love the world of music.
But I am looking forward to Runrig's concert tonight.
And I pray to you singing good for me and the people.

Love from Peter (Rocco)
Added: May 31, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
The Mac Donald Folks
From: Sydney Mines Nova Scotia
Hey friend,
Wayne and i were listening to your CD IN the van on our way to the walmart in sydney and when we arrived home we took the time to locate your site and figured it only proper to drop a BIG HELLO :) Looks like you are lighing up the world with your great voice and Cape Breton charm and humor
We are so proud of all your accomplishments
and the happiness you are giving to your concert goers..They seem to love you as much as we do!!!! All the best and hopefully we will get in a few tunes with you this summer or fall ....xoxo millie and wayne
Added: May 24, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
hey bruce ,how are things goin,obviously pretty good i was talkin to rattler and mike last june ,whatever happened to that song livin in thew ninetys , i still remember you and your father on the front step playin the guitar when i was late with the news is that song fiddle and bow about your dad?i love .your fan DEAN CAPSTICK
Added: May 21, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
~ M.R
From: Wolfville Nova Scotia
This has been Bruce Guthro week in our house!
My kids came home from New Minas Elementary excited because they had met this great singer who was also 'really good looking'!! They needed to go right to your web site to find out more about you and were so impressed that Mom already had a CD (we have been listening to it over and over)!
Last night, I was at Paddy's listening to the Hupman Brothers when all of a sudden Bruce Guthro was singing in front of me! It was a great night - musicians playing because they love it and the audience loving it because they were in room filled with talent (sing Allan sing)! A perfect ending to my Bruce Guthro week - thanks for being out and about in Wolfville and sharing your talents.
Added: May 15, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Wolfville
Hello Bruce,
For Mother's Day my daughter bought me tickets to The Horton High School Variety show you hosted. What a fantastic evening. You were wonderful with the children and so down to earth.
My children are grown, my daughter graduating this week from Acadia, but I always enjoyed school variety shows.
I grew up in Reserve Mines, so your music was such a treat. I am so proud to call you a Cape Bretoner and please do not ever lose that warm ,down to earth quality you still possess. I wish you much sucess with your new CD.Thank you for the music, Bruce.

Warm regards

Dolores MacPhee- Fineberg
Added: May 14, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: nova scotia
hi Bruce im in the same class as Zach and i know his little brother u came to my school today and did some stuff with people i also know that u r doing some stuff with mr.king my teacher his a really good teacher and i think its cool that u and him went to schools and did stuff with them i hope the best of u and bye from now o ya my parents love the songwriters crucil bye
Added: May 13, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Nova Scotia
Hey Bruce you came to my school today. May 7 2008. I really enjoyed what you did with us. I was the one who sang by my self. Do you remember me and do you like my singing? Anyways you're so cool and I loved meeting you!
Added: May 7, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Nova Scotia
Hi Bruce i seen you today May 7 2008 you we're at my school my friend Tyler sang a little bit of that song for mothers day anyway i was just woundering how did people notice you??
Added: May 7, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Scotland
Thanks Bruce for a wonderful blether tonight with Karin Ingram on Radio Borders! Your "hello" was appreciated!! And the playing of Borlum's Every River made me cry again!! I cried at Borlum and again tonight. Thank you for your voice, your music and what you have brought to Runrig.
Added: May 4, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Silkeborg, Denmark
Hey Bruce,
so that's how you spend Fridays :-D

We heard you were to perform at the opening of the 2008 World Hockey Championships,
thanx Wendy.

"The first world championship game on Canadian soil got off to an electrifying start with Nova Scotia singer-songwriter Bruce Gouthro [sorry!] performing a stirring rendition of O Canada..", reads today's The Chronicle Herald..

I can imagine :-))only too well :-))
we've heard it happen when you were around, the stirring renditions.. Well, if you can't help it..
suppose it is a trademark of which one needn't feel too embarrassed .. after all..
as long as you'll forgive our dropping our jaws reactions it'll work.. ;-)

I missed out on this one although it was broadcast here - in places..
Glad we weren't keeping you over here ;-)
Sounds like a special day! :-D and event..
Congrats on the win, 5-1 is not that bad?!
Go on Can.,keep it up :-)

Looking forward to seeing you with Runrig in a few weeks time, but most of all to the solo concerts and Tønder, darn if it isn't awesome and among the best of memorable times I don't know what is. Always good, and worth seeking out.. Waiting is hard!... NOT seeking your shows out would be impossible.. couldn't do it..
.."stirring rendition"s, humour, warmth, and good tunes no wonder.

Cheers, have fun..

DON'T LOOSE YOUR PASSPORT!!! Whatever you do, don't! :-} we need you over!

Till later,

best wishes from brightSUNNY Denmark.
Added: May 3, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: cheltenham
hi bruce
i have only seen you live as part of runrig,you are terrific and what a voice.i got your album the other day beautiful life and its brill.keep up the good work as a solo artist and with the brill lads of runrig[see you in edinburgh[love you loads xxxx
Added: April 29, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Germany
Hey Bruce! I saw you in Wuppertal.That was a great show. I saw you on a Video with the song: Barrets Privatiers - FANTASTIC!!!
I hope you play this at the next Tour in Germany.Iam at the Runrig Concert in Bonn
God Bless!!!
Added: April 29, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Mainz, Germany
Wow... visited the concert in Kaiserslautern and really enjoyed it... you and your band are fantastic musicians and the venue was even fantastic too... small and privat...
I really hope you will publish the video recordings these guys did, ´cause I think it will be great to see the concert again!!!

Looking forward to seeing you with Runrig in Edinburgh at the end of may and hopefully in Germany again sometime as solo-artist... thanx

Best wishes...
Added: April 27, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Germany
Dear Bruce,

I miss your live-music so much. Please come back soon to Germany- I`m waiting...
Added: April 26, 2008

Submitted by Comments:

The t-shirts were signed with a permanent textile marker, which was said to be specifically for textiles as well as water-resistant.

Obviously, the pen didn't do what the brand promised it would do. Based on your comment, it may be a good idea to hand-wash the signed shirts.

We are sorry about this,
Added: April 23, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Berlin
Hey Bruce

Thx a lot for the great concert in Potsdam. I really enjoyed it to hear your fantastic voice.

To all the other Fans who bought a signed T-Shirt!! Please don`t wash it in the mashine!! We did and now we are really frustrated because almost all the sign is washed out!
Added: April 23, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Jerusalem/Israel
Hey Bruce!

Luckily I got the change to see you in Potsdam last week.
I have never seen you live before and I was really excited what I have to expect... but your live performance blew me away. It was awesome and really worth all the miles!!!

I hope that I get the chance to see you anytime live again. (You know, the way is long and I don’t think there is any change to get you for a tour here in Israel ;o).

Take care and God bless you!
Added: April 23, 2008

Submitted by Comments:
From: Germany, Potsdam
Dear Bruce,

Thank you so much for your fantastic concert in Potsdam. It was great. Your voice is beautiful. I hope you come back again the next year.

All the best for you and the band. God bless you.

Love and peace,
Music_Fan Astrid
Added: April 21, 2008

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